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The Principles of Neurobiotaxis

An Evo-Devo Neuroscience Blog

Caio Maximino
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I am Caio Maximino, a Brazilian grad student. I've done some applied research – effects of methylmercury upon aggression, fear and sensory capabilities of teleost fishes –, before the difficulties to publish one manuscript from this era made me move to more basic research. We've been trying to develop some parametric analyses of “innate” and conditioned fear/anxiety states in teleost fishes, through the use of inhibitory avoidance and scototaxis tests. My Masters thesis will sprout from this, and I will investigate some parameters of the scototaxis (dark preference) test in the zebrafish Danio rerio. I've also done some parallel research on the cognitive psychology of time perception in humans, and discussed some topics of philosophy of mind. My current interest, though, is comparative and evolutionary neuroscience – as broad as this relatively new field is. That is the topic I've chosen to write on this website. This blog will be called The Principles of Neurobiotaxis, after Ariëns Kappers' influential 1921 book. Here, I will focus on the evolution of brain and behavior.