Caio Maximino (neurobiotaxis) wrote,
Caio Maximino

Five entries from my Nature Network blog, the Descent of Brain, are featured in this month's Encephalon. Go check it out (not only my entries, but also Encephalon, a great way to keep updated on the best posts on neuroscience on the blogosphere).
Tags: carnival, descent of brain, elder things, encephalon, license:cc-by-nc, nature network, self-referential

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    My article on cetacean brains was published on Marine & Freshwater Behaviour and Physiology. Go check it out.

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    A new article, " A quantitative test of the thermogenesis hypothesis of cetacean brain evolution, using phylogenetic comparative methods",…

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    One striking feature of a lot of brain structures – from the retina to the cerebral cortex, from the optic tectum to the cerebellum –…

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